Education System in Pakistan

The education system in Pakitan has remained in the highlights since the independence of the Sub-continent. Recently the all secondary education boards of Punjab province announced the result of Matriculation. After the declaration of the result, electronic media and social media overwhelmingly congratulated the student and their families. After seeing such brilliant performance of the students, a few questions arose. Is the education system in Pakistan is improving? If the education system is improving then why the education system in Pakistan is not coping with international standards? It is yet too recent to talk about the future of the education system and is this improvement in the education system in Pakistan will produce the extraordinary minds of science and technology?

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Is This Result is Showing Improvement in Our Education System?

After seeing the result of matriculation, which shows the high passing rate indicates that the students are competing very hard. It also seems that our Government schools are improving. But, it is really true?

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The ground realities are showing a different picture. Higher authorities of education pressurizing the teachers to bring good results otherwise they will bear a penalty. To save their selves, teachers are using other techniques except teaching. They forced the students for cramming. Students are asked to absorb the large volume of information.

The education system in Pakistan does not have the concept of learning by doing. This could be the reason that many of the students are getting 90% or above. In some places, it is reported that cheating is used to get good grades to satisfy the Government.

In our Government schools, most of the students cannot read and write. As they did not get proper skills at the primary level and teachers have to promote the students anyway because of the Governmental policy.

The Real Picture Behind These Results

The main problem is at the primary level of schooling. Where most of the teachers possess matric level education, they have no capability and morale to teach the students. In addition, most of them do not want to teach the students as they are getting their easy salaries. They are not answerable to anyone. Such a teacher should be replaced with new talent and motivated youth, who need the jobs and are warmly willing to teach our students.

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The Education System in Pakistan Issues and Problems

The education system in Pakistan is lacking in various fields. Following is the list recovered after the research contains the causes of failure of the education system in Pakistan.

  1.  Teachers do not have specific training for teaching at different levels of school education.
  2. The textbooks are not sophisticated and are not easy to use.
  3. Cramming is very common in our schools even in renounced private schools; teachers do not urge the students to learn by doing.
  4. Undefined and underestimated policies are adopted in education without any prior research and study of facts.
  5. Students also want an easy way to achieve success, they are trained only to cram only.
  6. English is used as a medium of instruction in Pakistan even at the primary level, which is creating difficulties for the students to grasp the different concepts.
  7. Laboratories are insufficient and limitedly equipped.
  8. Most of the students of Government schools are lacking in confidence.
  9. Research techniques in Pakistan are inappropriate and conventional. Research in Pakistan is not fulfilling the international requirements.
  10. Critical thinking is not developed in students as they cramming.
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How to Improve Education System in Pakistan

First, it requires true intentions and pure dedication to upgrading the education system in Pakistan. It is the need of the time to develop reality-based and factual education policy for upcoming generations. Need to train the teachers according to international standards, giving the students confidence, motivating the students, introducing the learning by doing and developing the critical thinking are the ways to revolutionize the structure of education in Pakistan.

Research tells the medium of instruction for primary students should be in the mother tongue. In higher studies, the choice is given to students to choose Urdu and English as the language of instructions.

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