Global Environmental Changes; Causes, Effects and Solutions

Global Environmental Changes; Causes, Effects and Solutions 1

The world is going towards its destruction and that too very quickly due to obvious global environmental changes. Humans living on earth have not treated their planet well. Over the years, human activities have caused a lot of disturbance to the natural system of the planet and brought destruction to the environment causing climate change and global warming.

According to research, if we compact the span of life of this earth in forty years, then the humans have destroyed most of nature in just four minutes. That’s how serious this issue is. And if we don’t take it seriously, our future generations may not see a livable planet. Global environmental changes are alarming for the worst situation and indicating the last chance to save our earth.

Economy and industries are one of the biggest hurdles in handling global environmental changes.

To start with, we have to look at the causes of climate change and global warming.

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Causes of Environmental Changes

Over the decades, human populations have increased by two to three folds. More population means more human activities. The increase in population has caused an increased demand for household and food. And for this purpose humans have done deforestation on a very large scale.

Moreover, with the start of the industrial age, the amount of hazardous chemicals has been added to the environment causing not only an increase in air pollution but also endangering the lives of many living species thus putting the eco-system on a threat.

The chemicals and smoke coming from industries, deforestation, human pollution, the use of non-renewable resources, aerosols, fertilizers, and some other factors have increased the temperature on the earth, increasing global warming and causing the climate to change drastically. Many species of animals have vanished; many are listed as endangered, sizes of forests reducing and much more.

Effects of Human Activities on Environment

Global warming, climate change and increase in temperature are causing devastating effects to this world. The effects of human activities on the environment are obvious and increasing day by day in different forms.

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The depletion of the ozone layer is one of the examples of the effects of global warming and increased greenhouse gases. The world nowadays has seen floods, drought, unusual rain, long scorching heat cyclones and people effecting badly because of these. Current year have seen deaths due to heat in Europe. Glaciers have been melting at record speed causing a rise in ocean water level.

How to Stop Climate Change

Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement Implementation

The world needs to make sure that the Kyoto protocol and Paris agreement are followed in its true essence. These agreements are made on how to stop climate change.

Kyoto protocol and Paris agreement give way to reduce greenhouse emission that causes an increase in world temperature and global warming. The signatories of both the agreements need to implement the suggestions being put and agreed upon to make this world safer from the curses mentioned.

Ban Plastic

One time use plastic must be banned now. Plastic has been damaging our environment in an unexplainable way. Humans have started using plastic some hundred years ago and some of it still exists and will remain in the environment destroying the eco-system and atmosphere in many ways.

Global Environmental Changes; Causes, Effects and Solutions 2

Recently a couple of miles of plastic stretch has been seen in the Caribbean sea, which has caused the death of fish and marine life.

This plastic may take thousands of years to get decomposed and still will remain in the eco-system somehow. More hazardously, this plastic can breakdown and enter our food chain which can cause different diseases too.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Global Environmental Changes; Causes, Effects and Solutions 3

Humans have to agree on less usage of non-decomposable things like plastic and polymer products. Not only this but these products must be recycled and reused again and again so that they may not be added in the ecosystem in any way.

Renewable Energy

Non-renewable energy sources like coal, oil and petrol products, natural gas adds too much pollution in the environment so the use of non-renewable energy sources must be reduced at all cost.

The world must shift to renewable energy sources to meet energy requirements. Germany is a bright example in this regard which is shifting towards renewable energy sources like solar, biomass and hydropower.


Developed countries should invest more in forestation and stop deforestation. Recently Bhutan has planted millions of trees and has been declared as carbon negative country. India, Pakistan, China, and other countries have started forestation programs which is a good sign.

Global Environmental Changes; Causes, Effects and Solutions 4

Some other solutions which can reduce the effects of climate changes are

Conservation of Eco-System

Serious efforts are required to save nature and the eco-system on earth. Forests need to be preserved along with their natural life.

Global Environmental Changes; Causes, Effects and Solutions 5

Population Control

More population roots more pollution and more space required for humans which causes destruction of natural habitat. Population control is necessary to save the natural habitat. China’s one-child policy is an example of population control.

Reduced Use of Unnatural Sources

Rubber tyres, polymer products, and plastic bottles are nearly impossible to decompose. People need to find alternatives to these products and reduce their usage.

Efficient Energy Utilization

This is a grave issue regarding global environmental changes. Energy utilization must be efficient with efficient electrical appliances. People should use alternatives to CFC emitting refrigerators. Inverter air conditioners are a recent invention that emits less hazardous gasses.

Efficient Use of Water

Water must be saved at all costs. Freshwater is getting short every passing day. With a shortage of fresh water, people living in different areas face drought-like situations.

Global Environmental Changes; Causes, Effects and Solutions 6

One of the main reasons for the shortage of water is the rapid increase in the melting of glaciers. Much of freshwater has now become part of the ocean due to the rapid melting of glaciers. Water storage must be done by establishing dams, lakes, canals, etc.

Proper Treatment of Wastewater and the Dumping of Solid Waste.

Global Environmental Changes; Causes, Effects and Solutions 7

Wastewater must be treated and clean water must be extracted from that. Moreover, wastewater must be cleaned before adding it into rivers and streams. Solid waste must be properly dumped.

We can find life only on the earth and global environmental changes, global warming, and climate change are destroying our earth only place to live. All human activities that are affecting the eco-system should be re-evaluated and develop unharmful ways to carry human activities, otherwise should be banned.

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