How to Stay Healthy in Summer

How to Stay Healthy in Summer 1

Hello people!! Summer is at our door again. The temperature in summer can rise up to around 50 degrees in many countries. The extreme weather can cause damaging effects on human body and health. This extreme weather asks for extra measures and cares to save from scorching heat and have a good season without getting ill. Everybody is worried about one’s health and how to stay healthy in summer. Here are top tips to stay healthy and fit this summer.

1. Water intake

The most important thing to do in summer is to keep yourself hydrated. A daily intake of 3-5 liters of water is considered good and healthy practice. Another good source of water are fruits. Summers are full of fruits like Melons, water melons, peaches and apples etc. These fruits contain good amount of water and gives a fresh and refreshing feeling to human body and keep your body hydrated.

2. Less Meat and More Vegetables

How to Stay Healthy in Summer 4

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Just like fruits, vegetables are useful to keep your body hydrated. On the other hand, meat products produce heat in your body and require more water to make the equation balance. Not only this but Oily foods should be avoided too as oily foods take longer time and require extra energy to get digested and produce heat in the body.

3. Personal Hygiene

How to Stay Healthy in Summer 5

Personal hygiene is not only important in summer but throughout the year. As summer is an extreme weather and cause sweaty body so daily shower should be a must thing to clear the sweat pores in body. Frequent cloth change is also helpful for people living in areas experiencing damp conditions.

4. Cover Your Head

Covering your head before going out is a must thing to do in summer. Extreme temperature can cause sun stroke which can be fatal for health. Along with head, backside of neck should also be covered to avoid sun. neck is very sensitive part of body through which our brain communicate to spinal cord through several nerves. These nerves can be damaged in extreme sun which can lead to unconsciousness.

How to Stay Healthy in Summer 6

5. Homemade Food

It is always a good idea to avoid outside food. You never know what kind of food they are serving, what its quality and how well it is cooked. The least thing you would want Is to end up at a doctor’s clinic due to bad food in extreme summer. So a good shot would be to have homemade well cooked food to avoid any bad experience

How to Stay Healthy in Summer 7

6. Breath Healthy, Drink Healthy

How to Stay Healthy in Summer 8

If you have any bad habit like smoking and drinking, it’s time to quit now. Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in blood and drinking effect your liver in several ways including effecting the digestion of food so if you have those habits then take a break and introduce your body to healthy habits like morning walk or gym. Also it’s time to shift to fresh juices from soda and soft drinks. Lime and Lassi are best option in scorching afternoon time.

7. Dress Selection

Wearing light color dresses are not only good for body but also attract less heat as compared to dark colors. White color is best in this regard.

8. Travel less and Stay Indoors.

A simple idea would be to stay indoors in summers and travel less. Other than necessary work, do not go out during day time. Always go on walk, shopping or to meet your friend in evening.

So, always keep these tips in mind during this summer and Stay cool.

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