Nepotism Examples in Pakistan

There are a lot of examples of nepotism in Pakistan. Television has a major place in this globalized world as same as Pakistan. A drama is the best part to promote the culture of every existing society, but now we can find the nepotism examples there too. There is 65 % nepotism in Pakistan showbiz. The television transmission started in 1964 from Lahore in Pakistan. The soul of drama is actors and they give life to the written words. In the earlier period of the television era, actors and actresses were selected through proper channels and on the merit base. In Pakistan recently it has noted that to choose the actors through merit is totally disappeared.  The merit is only for those people whose parents or any relatives are not in the industry.  I have closely watched that those parents already in this field their children have an easy gateway to enter into the industry which is clear nepotism example. There are a lot of examples in our drama industry where have been clearly seen the nepotism.  Due to nepotism, after the Lollywood, our drama industry is on the edge of destruction and no one is taking it seriously.  If you search the names of actors through the internet, you would see that most of the actors and actresses are relatives of famous actors. The nepotism in Bollywood is also found.

Another drawback which I see in recent times most of the actors in our industry are educated from foreign universities and yes learn English well and easily enter the industry. In Pakistan, if you learned English it is easy to enter the industry. This is the poor criteria to choose the talent. I knew many names of the industry who get a degree from foreign and due to nepotism they easily enter in drama family.  The linkage between English languages with nepotism is easily understandable. Parents know very well how important English is to get away to enter in industry and also now how to enter their kids in the industry.

Pakistan has enormous local talent but due to discrimination and money factor, they do not get a chance to show their talent. Previously there was only one TV channel and that was PTV. The worth of dramas at that time is commendable just because the actors were selected purely on the merit base.  You can select any drama before 2000 which has been on-air on Pakistan Television (PTV). The worth of drama was exceptional.

How we can Eliminate Nepotism

Please stop favoritism. This is killing our attractive drama industry. The government should take necessary steps to stop partiality.  I like to suggest some precautious steps here.

  1. Should establish a national level academy. Which provides free arts and skills.
  2. Should make the local level (district) academy.
  3. Every year at the college level would hold a competition to give chances to the young and new talent.
  4. Promote local talent through TV ads.
  5. Nowadays BOL TV Channel is holding a talent hunt program which is appreciable.
  6. Discourage parents who introduce their children through the backdoor. Pemra should develop a comprehensive process to recruit new talent.

The purpose of writing this article just to discuss this evil that creates trouble for our local and talented actors. No doubt National College of Arts (NCA) is producing great talent but only elite class kids can get admission in this institute.  There is no economical institute for local talent. Please take essential steps to clear ambiguity.

The worth of the drama industry day by day is lacking just because of prejudice. Nepotism is evil that has entered in every industry and have strong roots and we need to eliminate these roots.

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