Truck Art in Pakistan

The culture and traditions of South Asia make it different from the whole world. There are so many beautiful cultural representations to tell. Truck Art is one of them, which people like the most and known in the world as ‘Truck art in Pakistan’. Drivers love their Truck as they spend most of the time with them while traveling in the whole country and they do not hesitate to spend handsome money on the truck art design. Not only Trucks in Pakistan but Buses, Rickshaws, and other Lorries are painted in the same way as trucks with the beautiful floral structures, small pearls, and mirrors, pieces of colorful clothes with the Urdu poetic calligraphic art.

Truck Art in Pakistan 2

The whole truck from front to end and top to bottom is painted with complex and colorful floral patterns and beautiful poetic calligraphy. It is also a scientific phenomenon that colors affect the mood of people. Truck art in Pakistan is the most enthusiastic way to express love and culture.

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History of Truck Art in Pakistan

It is considered that the history of truck art in Pakistan is recent. It is estimated that it was started in 1900 when old horse-driven carriages were replaced with automated vehicles. It is also assumed that the Khyber Pakhtunkhawa is the birthplace of truck art. The Ustads (artisans) who used to paint the palaces and Havelies were the first artisans who started this trend. The ustads or artists are experts in their field that they make masterpieces in this trend.

Truck Art Poetry and Comments

Truck Art in Pakistan 3

Pakistani Trucks are incomplete without the Urdu poetry. Urdu Poetry written on the trucks tells the reader that truck driver’s feelings and they have a loving heart, and when they are traveling far from homes, they miss their families. They sometimes show the love to the country Pakistan using poetry and art on the trucks. Truck art poetry along with truck art is full of emotions like sadness, love, and fun. It is also an interesting activity to read the poetry written on the trucks when you are traveling on the GT Road or Motorway.

Funny Poetry

Funny Poetry on the truck has its own taste and joy. The funny truck poetry lightens your mood. Every person who considers himself a funny person should learn this art of making others happy. These cheesy lines written on the truck make laugh and sometimes taking the picture of truck ends up sharing on social media. You will love to see the funny use of words in poetry.

Romantic Poetry

Romantic poetry is also found on the trucks some people think this as cheesy art and for some, it has an important place in truck art. But some of the lines will make your day.

On Pakistani narrow and difficult roads, driving a truck is not an easy game. A slight inefficiency and small error can cost these drivers their life. It is important for them to remain calm and happy during these killing journeys. Pakistani Truck art and poetry is the source of pleasure and joy for the truck drivers while traveling on the narrow and dangerous roads.

Pictures of different Personalities

They also show their love for different personalities. You will find the pictures of those people who you cannot imagine. One can find the pictures of Quaid e Azam, Allama Iqbal, Imran Khan, Raheel Sharif, Shahid Khan Afridi, Princess Diana, and other personalities.

Poetry and art make the truck alive entity among people. The drivers consider these vehicles as their partners. They also maintain the vehicles, by cleaning and washing it regularly. I personally believe that truck art in Pakistan is taken as a hobby rather than fun.

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